Miscellaneous Service Charges

Service Fee
Account Closing < 90 days open $40.00
Balance of Account Transfer out $40.00
Central 1 League Dues (per year) $10.00
Charge Back (deposit item returned) $10.00
Cheque orders Cost
Courtesy Call $10.00
Dormant Account (charge per year) $30.00
Unclaimed Account after 5 years
(charge per year)
Garnishment (Requirement to Pay) $50.00
NSF Cheque (Non Sufficient Funds) $50.00
Returned Item Payment - Debit or Credit
(NSF, Stop Payment, Funds not cleared)
up to $50.00
Rejected Clearing (item unencoded) $5.00
Unauthorized Overdraft Charge $10.00
Stop Payment (partial details) $20.00
Stop Payment (full details) $15.00
Record Search (per item <90 days) $5.00
Record Search (per item >90 days) $10.00
Record Search (multiple items) $30.00/hr
Reference Letter (Account balance, interest paid/earned, bank verification) $20.00
Request for Personal Information (Privacy) Free
Correction of Personal Information (Privacy) Free
Transfer Out RRIF $100.00
Transfer Out RRSP $100.00
Transfer Out TFSA $100.00
Electronic CAFT Funds Transfer Request $5.00

All Fees Effective July 1, 2022

Fees, where indicated, are per transaction
Fees are current as of the date of this notice and are subject to change