Become a Member

Come in today, and let one of our Member Service Representatives help you get started.

The process is simple and secure, with basic requirements including:

  • Canadian resident, 18 years or older
  • Work or reside within the Province of Ontario

To activate your Membership Profile we will need:

   ✔ Proof of Social Insurance Number (SIN)
   ✔ Proof of Address
   ✔ 1 piece of Government issued photo identification:
      (Valid Passport; Driver’s License; Identity Card; Secure Indian Status)
   ✔ 1 piece of secondary identification:
      (Birth Certificate, Credit Card, Student Card, NEXUS Card)

Our Membership Share requirements are as follows:

  • $5.00 – Junior Members (Under the age of 18 with parental signature)
  • $40.00 – Individual Accounts (18 and over)


Why Choose Adjala Credit Union?


1)  You’re Not Just An Account: You’re A Member of A Trusted Community

Unlike traditional banks, Credit Unions are proudly owned by our members (shareholders). At the ACUL, a superior co-operative financial services experience is guided by our belief in ‘people first’ solutions, face to face interaction, and transparency in all we do.

2)  Democratic Member Control: Our Staff Reports To You

Each year our members can exercise the right to vote for their Board of Directors. This ensures that ACUL always operates in the best interest of our shareholders, delivering powerful strategic and financial planning, innovative corporate performance, and leadership in all areas of provincial and federal legislation and regulations.

3)  Member Participation: A Sustainable Financial Alternative

At ACUL we reinvest our profits, providing the lowest possible fees and the highest possible rates of return for our members.

4)  Independence: Face to Face Service, Every Day

As a 100% Ontario owned and based financial services co-operative, your branch is the ‘head office’. Our financial team makes decisions on site, working with you in a personal setting. This allows us to serve based on first-hand knowledge of our members, local conditions, and the financial options best suited to individual needs.

5)  Education & Information: Your Go-To Resource

We know that education is the key to improving the well-being of all our members, and the community at large. We’re committed to being a trusted resource, providing our members with the expertly tailored advice they need to make smart financial decisions.

6)  Cooperation: Canada’s Network of Credit Unions

We are committed to supporting other cooperatives in order to strengthen the Credit Union movement for the benefit of all members locally, provincially and nationally.

7)  Concern for the Community: Local Focus

We live and work in the communities we support. From volunteering our time, to investing in important causes, we strive to make a difference.